Life can be overwhelming

It is common to experience difficult circumstances that lead to distress and suffering. Anxiety, depression and other mental health difficulties feel crushing at times.

With support and encouragement, peace of mind can be restored. 

Emotional strength can grow.

Refuge wants to help. 

The mental health coaches at Refuge will compassionately,  prayerfully listen and help reflect on what is happening in your life. Together we can make a plan to step out of distress and back into the light.

 There is hope.

If you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm please call

1 800 273 8255.


What we offer

contact us three ways

Request an appointment by:

1. Calling


Ask to speak with someone from Refuge.

2. Texting

REFUGE to 812-534-4227.

3. Emailing

We are currently unable to accommodate walk-in appointments.


After a few brief questions you will be set up for an appointment with one of our coaches.


There are no fees. What we offer is free.



One to one coaching

During your appointment a coach will ask in-depth questions to determine how we can help and what steps can be taken toward stability and wellness.

You may decide several sessions of one-to-one encouragement and perspective is helpful. 


If what you need is beyond the scope of what Refuge offers, the coach will help you find the resources you need. You are not alone in your struggle.


Grace groups

Living Grace - for individuals experiencing mental health difficulties

Family Grace - for family members supporting loved ones with mental health difficulties.
Redefine Grace - for teens experiencing mental health difficulties.

This is a 15-week group resource designed to explore healthy solutions for your heart and mind. In each group time, you will discover perspectives and practices that can transform your daily life. Both Scripture and science are used to reveal practical tools to address the challenges that come from living with any mental health difficulty or disorder.  (i.e. anxiety, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar, etc).


The group will engage topics like:

Your True Identity

Mental Health Recovery


Managing Stressors

Cycles and Triggers

Grieving and Grace

Life-Giving Community

Safe and Healthy Relationships





We have diverse experience, but the people you will talk with at Refuge ARE NOT licensed   professional counselors or therapists. 

Coaches are certified in Mental Health Coaching through the       American Association of  Christian Counselors.  We are held to this organization’s highest standard for confidentiality.

We are people who want to help others because we have found hope and help in Jesus.