We Believe

A church is supposed to be a lot of things:

a safe place to explore and discover God; an

incubator for authentic relationships;

a source of spiritual truth and teaching;

an advocate for the oppressed and neglected;

a training center for believers to become genuine

Christ-followers -- and much more.

A core set of beliefs is foundational to all we do as a church; otherwise, we are in danger of chasing popular trends and losing sight of who we are supposed to be.

For a summary of our core beliefs, click here.

we value...

- The authority of Scripture and biblical church leadership

- Reverence & simplicity in worship

- Connection: We were never meant to live life alone.

- Service which benefits our neighbors, whoever and wherever they may be.

- Respect for your journey: We will meet you where you are, walk with you and encourage you along the way, but ultimately only you can decide to take the next step.