the power of "we"

You can't do life alone.

Circles are better than rows.

Faith grows in community.

Living life in pursuit of a relationship with God rarely happens alone, and it never happens by accident. For some of you, that just means you call some friends and say, "Let's get together and pray for each other."

But for some of you, a growth group is what you need.
CONNECT with others!
ENGAGE with God’s life-changing truth!
GROW in your knowledge and experience of God’s love!

Stay connected with text messaging

Sign up for to receive text messages by texting any of the key words listed below to 812-534-4227.

You may join as many of these groups as you want, but each key word must be texted separately.

CONNECT to be contacted by David Lee or Chris Smith

GROUP a staff member will be in touch to help you find a group that works for you.

LOOP to receive important information and announcements

KIDS  to be contacted by our Kids' Minister

YOUTH to be contacted by our Youth Minister

SERVE  if you would like to volunteer in one of our vital ministries. (Examples:  Sunday morning greeters, door holders, kids, youth, tech team, worship, etc.)  The appropriate staff member will contact you.

Brief prayer requests can be texted to this number.