the power of "we"

We do it - we'll admit: We use catchphrases, maybe too much. Like these:

You can't do life alone.

Circles are better than rows.

Faith grows in community.

Well, okay, that last one isn't really a catchphrase; it's more of an enduring truth. Living life in pursuit of a relationship with God rarely happens alone, and it never happens by accident. For some of you, that just means you call some friends and say, "Let's get together and pray for each other."

But for some of you, a growth group is what you need.
CONNECT with others!
ENGAGE with God’s life-changing truth!
GROW in your knowledge and experience of God’s love!

You choose the day, we provide the opportunity for you to see what God might be ready to do in your life.

Growth groups are currently on hiatus. A new growth group calendar is in the works.  Details coming soon!