Clear creek kids

Clear Creek Kids exists to show kids Jesus through a relationship which models Christ, that they take

wherever they go.

Kids will live out their faith by practicing the faith skills:

  1.  Pray to God: Through prayer we connect with God.  We show gratitude for who He is and what He's done.  Through prayer, we can be honest with saying we're sorry for what we've done and expressing how we're feeling about what's happening in our lives.
  2.  Hear from God: When we read the Bible, and listen to what God has to tell us through His word, we learn we can trust God no matter what.
  3.  Live for God: Worshiping God is more than just singing songs.  Worshiping is about living life in a way that honors God.
  4.  Talk about God: When we talk about faith with other people who also have a relationship with God, we can see God.  Talking about your faith is a great way to discuss and examine God's word with others who also know God.  We can also share our faith with those who don't yet have a relationship with Jesus.

Click HERE to register your kids for Sunday morning experiences.

  • Early Childhood Ministries

    Our goal for Early Childhood is to plant seeds of faith that can grow for the rest of our kids lives.  Early Childhood groups meet Sunday mornings during both services.  

    God's Garden (6 weeks through 2 years): Safe, loving adults will watch your children and tell them about God's love while you enjoy your own worship experience.

    Little Lambs (2 and 3 year olds) and His Sheep (4 year olds through Kindergarten): Kids experience God's love through song and dance, stories, games, and creative activities.

  • Elementary Ministries

    In Elementary, we strive to challenge our kids to practice their faith skills all week long.  Elementary Big House (grades 1-4) groups meet Sunday mornings.  

    Big House Large Group: A worship experience designed to engage your children in discussion of spiritual truth, prayer, praise and worship, games, and fun.  Large group meets at 9:30

    Big House Small Groups: Small Groups aim to help kids dig deeper into the lesson and apply it to their everyday lives.  Groups meet at 11:00 and contain between 8 and 12 kids.

  • Preteen Ministiries

    We challenge preteens (grades 5-6) to stretch their faith skills to impact more than just themselves.  Preteens groups meet Sunday morning at 9:30 and Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm.

    Sunday School: Kids dig deep into the Bible and all the lessons that it has to teach us.

    PTX (5th and 6th grade): This gathering is built for preteens; with a short Bible study and fun activities and games.  Our bus picks up kids from Summit and Clear Creek Elementary Schools.  

  • Family Ministries

    Our goal through Family Ministry is to bring families together to provide tools to model and teach faith Monday through Saturday.  

    FamilyPalooza (Elementary aged families): FamilyPalooza is a place where kids and parents come together to learn about God.  Come join us for a family style dinner and a family friendly presentation of this month's Jesus-ism (a Jesus-ism is how we become more like Jesus).  There will be games, laughter, good food, crafts, and great family bonding.

summer camp

The primary purpose and focus of Hilltop Christian Camp is to provide a secluded and unique setting where every young person or adult can have a great time while encountering the living presence of God through play, Bible study, fellowship and worship. For more information about Hilltop Christian Camp and a summer camp schedule, go to