Clear Creek gives in excess of 20% of its annual collected funds to "missions" - partners from Bloomington to Africa, Asia and Europe. That's the beauty of the Church - what we do HERE is making a difference in lots of ways, in lots of places!

  • Judy Fish, Team Expansion worldwide

    Team Expansion has missionaries all over the world. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to international ministry, but Jesus left a model worth imitating: Train a small group of leaders to identify and meet needs in their communities, and in the process open doors for the gospel.

    Judy trains those leaders. Whether in urban slums, remote desert communities or the wild of the bush, the way of Jesus makes a difference. Judy’s heart for community development is the perfect tool for church planters looking for innovative ways to reach their people.

  • Hannah center, bloomington

    The abortion conversation has cast the pro-life position as ANTI- women, ANTI-freedom, ANTI-compassion. The Hannah Center fights back by quietly going about its work of supporting expectant mothers: providing housing, job training, parenting training, material assistance and, when applicable, post-adoption support. Their mission is to serve the cause of life by demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus.

  • Master Provisions, worldwide

    We got to know them as the “clothing drive” people, or the “Ukraine people,” but the scale of MP’s ministry has gone global. Their Northern Kentucky warehouse is a distribution point for food, clothing, medical, agricultural and church-planting ministry on five continents. It is truly the best “bang for the buck” ministry we support.

  • IU Christian Student Fellowship

    CSF is a residential house on North Jordan - but it isn’t just a dorm or a “Christian bubble.” It is also a ministry lab where students learn to implement their faith in small groups, campus-outreach events, missions trips & local service projects and weekly worship services. The staff is committed to making disciples who make disciples, on one of the most difficult “mission fields” imaginable!


  • Paul & Abigail steiner, Cork, Ireland

    We have partnered with Paul and Abigail for years - first in a campus ministry in Dublin, Ireland; then as church planters in downtown Miami, Florida (where they handed the established church over to a growth team;) and now as church planters in Cork, Ireland. We have stayed with them because we love their heart for the church - wherever they go, they take the gospel!  In Cork they have found a population hungry for and receptive to a gospel which 1) makes sense in their struggles, 2) connects them with each other, and 3) makes a difference in their community. Paul’s biggest prayer request is that they find help, because the work is overwhelming.


  • David Schunk, Youth For Christ, Bloomington

    Navigating the teenage years may be more challenging today than it has ever been - and without guidance, the degree and depth of potential harm is unprecedented. YFC is a highly visible, actively-engaged presence on our area high school campuses. Through Campus Life (their weekly outreach,) summer camps, annual trips and one-on-one mentoring, David and the other YFC staff have led large numbers of area teens to a relationship with Christ and plugged them into local churches. David “boldly goes” where most of us simply CAN’T - and would probably be afraid to even if we could!

  • Wheeler Mission, Bloomington/Indy

    You probably don’t realize all that Wheeler does! From short-term shelter for folks on the street to hot meals each day,  from addiction recovery to job training and placement advocacy, all under the umbrella of training in the way of Jesus - Wheeler does it better than anybody.


  • Rob & Donna*, Thailand

    Maybe you have seen the word “Rohingya” in the news. The “Ro” is a despised and persecuted people group - so despised that Tibetan Buddhist monks have declared them “reincarnated insects who need to be squashed.” They have fled Tibet in droves, seeking sanctuary in Thailand. Rob and Donna, who have a long-established ministry of church-planting and orphan-care, have now begun a ministry to Rohingya street children as well - housing, feeding, clothing, and loving in the name of Jesus.

    *Last name withheld for reasons of security


  • Gary & Judy Woods, Tanzania

    Clear Creek has a long history with Gary & Judy - more than 30 years of support. That relationship is coming to a close as they near retirement, but the need for prayer is intense. Gary and Judy’s ministry is training African national church planters to establish indigenous churches. They have poured years into Lulu, a Tanzanian national, preparing him to take over the work. He is ready - no worries there! But Gary is like the Apostle Paul to the Kenyan & Tanzanian churches, and leaving Africa will mean leaving a large part of their hearts behind.